Just Say No! Short Sleeve Button Downs

Unless you are Dwight there is absolutely zero reason for any guy to be wearing a short sleeve button down. Either roll up the sleeves on a long sleeve button down, or wear something else. NEVER is a short sleeve button down acceptable, you look like a child.

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Yes to V-Necks...No to Crew...

Gotta be wearing the v neck especially during summer. Whether as a shirt or an undershirt, it must be worn. Crew necks are no longer an acceptable option, relax a little show some skin and put on a v neck

top pick is the american apparel tri blend v neck, softest shirt made, will instantly become a favorite.

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You Aren't a Tough Guy...Suntan up!

You might think you are cool rocking your tank top all summer drinking outside and having a good time, well being bright red the next day ain't gonna get anyone to talk to you. Man up put some sunscreen on and go have a good time, no one wants to be the bright red guy complaining.

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Hurley WalkShorts are Surpisingly Awesome...

Definitely not a skater or a surfer, so it was weird that i bought a pair of hurley shorts the other day at nordstrom racked for $30. For that cost i figured what the hell. after wearing them this weekend, totally on board with these board shorts. Made with nike dryfit material, kinda can get away with the formal look too, really light and airy, belt bucks, normal pockets, and what i just figured out my new favorite alternative to a hot pair of khakis. Check them out at hurley.com

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Converse Fall 2013 Jack Purcell...

The new Converse Fall 2013 Jack Purcell, Converse x John Varvatos and CONS footwear collection. Please see link below to download the lookbooks. The collections will launch globally on July 1st

See collaborations here

Some really awesome shoes in the bunch. Cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these. Converse is forever.

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NBA Socks from Stance are a Must Have for Any Basketball Fan

First off, if you are a basketball fan, the Stance Socks NBA collection are an absolute must have for bball season. For the rest of the year, Stance offers some really high quality, but inexpensive crazy designs to help with your sock swag. Just becareful, as we got fooled first time we ordered, make sure you aren't buying a thick pair or winter socks. you want to look for the casual wear socks for the best fit and feel.
so which pairs are you going to buy?

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How is Your Sock Game?

Happy Socks are by far our favorite and most comfortable pair of socks. without doubt in this day and age you gotta find ways to set yourself apart from every other guy out there. Socks are a inexpensive and fun way to do just that. They usually have sales and great deals making it easy to pick up a few pairs at one shot. Go wild and have some fun after all they are just socks

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Create Your Own Custom Snapback...

Instead of just buying a black snap back to fit in with everyone else. Take a second thing of a cool word or phrase, go over to your nearest LIDS store and get one made custom. Takes just a few minutes and you can have your own one of a kind snap back. hell maybe even start your own side business. anyone got any good slogan ideas?

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Summer Hat Collection...Biker Style!

The all over print biker style hats are extremely popular this summer. Wear it forward or backwards, just make sure you have something to throw on when your running out. These are some great options from Urban Outfitters, the wanna be hipsters first stop!

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Have You Checked Out ASOS.com for Men's...

Tons of great deals, discounts, free shipping, and they ship out your order very quickly after you make the purchase. Since its online shopping, order more then you think you will want, order a few sizes, when it arrives, try it on, and send back for free whatever you don't like or doesn't it. Take full advantage of the free return shipping policy of most online shopping sites.

Asos Men

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The Miansai Bracelet...Add it to the Collection

If you are just starting out building your arm party collection or already have one established. Miansai Bracelets are definitely a must have piece to add to the arm wear. Here are a few of our favorites.

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