How to Create a Skeleton T-Shirt

After many facebook requests asking where Leila got her sliced up grey top featured in her recent photoshoot...we decided to get the low-down from her. We discovered she made her top! She gave us the inside scoop on how she created her tee:

Tools: Plain Tee or Tank (many find that cotton is the easiest to work with), Fabric Razor Blade, Measuring Tape, and wood cutting board or hard ironing board, sewing machine (optional).

Step 1: Picking the perfect tee.
Choose something without too many embellishments.  You want to choose a top that has a flattering fit. Plain tanks and tees work the best; a cleaner canvas allows more room for creativity.

Step 2: Have a basic cut in mind.
We all know what it's like to get a bad haircut (when your hairdresser keeps chopping off precious inches of hair). So keep your last bad haircut in mind while slicing up your shirt. Envision what you want your ending result to look like BEFORE you start slicing away.


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  1. Its really funny and cool..Thanks for sharing this..


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