Barneys New York Man Up Campaign


  1. Every man should own one made to measure suit. Or two.
  2. Worth the money: cashmere socks. Trust us.
  3. You should know how to sew on a button. Leave everything else to the professionals.
  4. Accessories should be accessories, not affectations. If you have to think too much about it, skip it.
  5. A pocket square should complement—not match—your tie. When in doubt, a white linen handkerchief always looks sharp.
  6. Every man should know how to tie a bow tie, even if your occasions to wear one are few and far between.
  7. Well-made shoes can have you covered for 10 years or more. Return the favor with shoe trees and a polish now and then.
  8. Narrow tie, small collar. Traditional tie, full size collar. Simple.
  9. Some things look better with age. White shirts are not those things.
  10. Yes, real men get manicures.
  11. The thinner the wallet, the better. Who wants to ruin the lines of your suit?
  12. Learn to layer. There’s no reason to have only one way to wear one piece. Practice makes perfect.
  13. You may get special treatment at the airport if you have beautiful luggage. And if you don’t get special treatment, you still have beautiful luggage.
  14. Yes, you can wear a turtleneck. Two words: Steve McQueen.
  15. Remember: come winter, your topcoat will be the first thing (and sometimes, the only thing) people see when they see you. Invest accordingly.
**How do you Man Up? Share your own style rules in the comments below or on Twitter with the hashtag #MANUPBNY, and we’ll pick our favorites to share.**

We would LOVE for you and to get involved and tell us how you “Man Up” by sharing style rules in the comments section of The Window post, or on twitter using the hashtag #MANUPBNY. We’ll be picking our favorites over the next couple of days, and we’ll share them out on our social media channels.

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Custom Suit...Get One that Fits

Custom suits aren't cheap, but buying an off the rack suit and having it custom fit can be. This picture is actually a mens ware house suit that was then tailored to meet exact body specs. You can look like the famous stars and celebrities of the red carpet with some good tailoring. For a few extra dollars, make sure you use a good tailor, getting a suit fit to your exact body is well worth the cash. Take it a step further and have your shirts custom too. If not custom made, just have them tailored. You will love the finally look so much more, and guess what? people will  notice too

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Fashion by She Summer Sunglass Wishlist...

Ray Ban Wafer - Classic, never going out to style, old faithful, look good on pretty much everyone. An absolute must have in the collection. Make sure to get polarized.

Persol - sunglasses to the stars. Every celebrity is currently rocking these. If you can afford them you need them.

Carrerra - reflective shades are everywhere this summer. Why not buy into the trend with a pair of Carrreras and call it a day. Good for creepin too, no one can see where your eyes are wandering off too!

Ray Ban Aviators -  A lot of people look insanely good in aviators. Since Tom Cruise made them famous in Top Gun, people cannot get enough of this style. Available in reflective and normal lens, you can pick whichever fits your style best.

Best part about this list is it works for men and woman

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