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My name is Jamie and I work for the company Fanatics. We are the leading online retailer specializing in sports apparel for all of your favorite teams. As fall approaches and the tailgating begins, we know everyone has their own sense of style for the big game. I came across your blog and thought you'd be great at styling an awesome game day outfit!

We're asking a select group of fashionable bloggers to grab an image of a jersey from our NFL Jerseys page to build a perfect game day ensemble! Whether you're in the stadium cheering or snuggled up at home rooting for your team, we want to see how you show your team spirit! 

Are you up for tackling the challenge? Let me know if you're interested and I can send you more information! 


Jamie Paulsen

Community Manager

Fanatics Inc.

Information contained in this e-mail message is confidential. This e-mail message is intended only for the personal use of the recipient(s) named above. If you are not an intended recipient, do not read, distribute or reproduce this transmission (including any attachments). If you have received this email in error, please immediately notify the sender by email reply and delete the original message.

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Guess Not All Guys Look Good in Suits...

Casually stretching? Doing some street yoga? Whatever you're trying to do, please take it elsewhere. She LOVES guys in suits and you somehow managed to ruin that.

- She

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Kent and Curwen AW14 Collection Review

A considered evolution, re-establishing British heritage whilst showcasing a bold new aesthetic

It is no secret She's biggest weakness is a well dressed man. Well, gentlemen, Kent and Curwen nailed it this season. The British brand has decided to do all North American men a favor, and debuted here in 2013.  From perfectly- cut peacoats to great leather gloves, this collection is a solid proof that metro is SEXY.
The idea behind the collection is the reinterpretation of key pieces such as the motorcycle jackets, tuxedo trousers and the traditional sweater. The result is the perfect balance between masculine and modern.

She's favorite looks:

Remember guys, good layering is key to a good winter outfit. Check out their styles here and make sure to take a look at the American site, which will be updated in the next few days here.

Have any questions on how to wear your favorite pieces? She is here to help!
- She

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Fashion by She's First Date Outfit Guide...

You finally got that hot chick from the bar to agree to go out with you... What are you gonna wear?
Given she's a good looking girl, she's probably in on all the latest fashion trends, and wouldn't wanna be seen in public with someone who can't dress himself. This is where She comes in...
Here's a quick tutorial on how to pick the perfect outfit for your first date.

                                                  So, where are you taking her?

Local sports bar/ happy hour drinks: dark, semi- fitted jeans, paired with a plain, single- colored button down.
Sports game: It's cool if you wanna rock a jersey and support your team, but please don't over- wear the team colors. Any kind of dark jeans would work, stick to straight cuts.
Whisky& wine bar/ dinner: This is probably the best atmosphere to show her you know you got some good style...
Option 1: Dark, fitted denim with a single- colored sweater over button down shirt- buttoned all the way to the top, so the collar is showing.
Option 2: Dark fitted denim with a tight plain V- neck and a dark blazer.

Option 3: This might not be for everyone, but She can guarantee your chick will love seeing you wearing some colored pants! Burgundy, nude or navy arer probably the best ones. Paired with a black or white V- neck, even She would probably agree to go on a second date.
Coffee: Mid wash/ dark straight cut jeans and a flannel. Girls LOVE boys in flannel. Might even wanna add a beanie, She is the biggest sucker for those.

If you plan on kissing her, please shave your face. We might like looking at your scruff, but our girly, tender skin doesn't do well rubbing against it.

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What Your Girl ACTUALLY Wants for Christmas

Almost every girl talks about about finding "that little blue box" under the tree... aka Tiffany's jewelery. You're probably too broke and/ or don't know the first thing about jewelery, so that idea just went out the window. Here's a list of some realistic gifts you would probably get laid for:

- Tickets to a concert
- A set of champagne/ wine glasses (Kate Spade New York has some girly, awesome ones)
- A framed picture of you two: cheesy, but it'll work.
- That set of candles she's been talking about: Candles set the mood, and she thinks she's adorable for having scented candles all around her bedroom. Everyone wins.
- Some new lingerie you'd like to see her in: We like to feel sexy. This is the perfect opportunity to show us how hot you think we are.
- Gift card for a spa treatment
- If you know what her favorite store is, a gift card for it would be ideal too. But don't play guess.
- Perfume: Here's where guys get a little lost... Some of you think that if you just go to a store and find something that smells nice, or that the sales associate recommended it means she'll love it. NO WAY. Perfume can smell differently on different people, unless you absolutely know what she uses, skip this gift idea.

Other than that, just show up nicely dressed with flowers (Lilies are She's fav and they work every single time), and we'll be your biggest fans.


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