Fashion by She's First Date Outfit Guide...

You finally got that hot chick from the bar to agree to go out with you... What are you gonna wear?
Given she's a good looking girl, she's probably in on all the latest fashion trends, and wouldn't wanna be seen in public with someone who can't dress himself. This is where She comes in...
Here's a quick tutorial on how to pick the perfect outfit for your first date.

                                                  So, where are you taking her?

Local sports bar/ happy hour drinks: dark, semi- fitted jeans, paired with a plain, single- colored button down.
Sports game: It's cool if you wanna rock a jersey and support your team, but please don't over- wear the team colors. Any kind of dark jeans would work, stick to straight cuts.
Whisky& wine bar/ dinner: This is probably the best atmosphere to show her you know you got some good style...
Option 1: Dark, fitted denim with a single- colored sweater over button down shirt- buttoned all the way to the top, so the collar is showing.
Option 2: Dark fitted denim with a tight plain V- neck and a dark blazer.

Option 3: This might not be for everyone, but She can guarantee your chick will love seeing you wearing some colored pants! Burgundy, nude or navy arer probably the best ones. Paired with a black or white V- neck, even She would probably agree to go on a second date.
Coffee: Mid wash/ dark straight cut jeans and a flannel. Girls LOVE boys in flannel. Might even wanna add a beanie, She is the biggest sucker for those.

If you plan on kissing her, please shave your face. We might like looking at your scruff, but our girly, tender skin doesn't do well rubbing against it.

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