Holy Red Hot Hotness

I've been having dreams, beautiful dreams. I dream in red. I dream of....the Dolce Vita Jade Platform. The platform is back with a vengeance this spring and Dolce Vita has delivered. Wedge platforms are great for a city girl - you get the height without the hurt. I'm making sure to order these babies before they're off the shelves! (the red is almost sold out on the Bloomingdale's site).


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Blue Tips? Do or Don't?

Colored hair tips have been taking over magazines (and runways) recently, but are they okay for real-life-not-on-a-runway kind of girls? In my opinion, absolutely! I've been loving this trend recently. What could be extremely boring hair is turned edgy and, well lets admit it, pretty bad ass with just a little bit of hair dye. I say go for it, what's the worst that could happen?! (Don't answer that).


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How Funny Are These GirlFriend Jeans...

Guys, do you pine for one of your ex-girlfriends to such a degree that you absolutely need a pair of pants to remind you of your lost love? Me neither, but if you ever begin to feel that way, you can pick up a pair of Lev's Ex Girlfriend Jeans. If you manage to squeeze into these jeans, your ex will watch you walk by, and think to herself "Wow, those jeans are so tight he can't walk correctly in them…… I miss him so much!" We can only assume these jeans are a direct response to Levi's line of women's jeans referred to as Boyfriend Jeans, which raises an interesting question; what kind of guy tries to fit into his ex girlfriend's jeans? $69 source

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How to Create a Skeleton T-Shirt

After many facebook requests asking where Leila got her sliced up grey top featured in her recent photoshoot...we decided to get the low-down from her. We discovered she made her top! She gave us the inside scoop on how she created her tee:

Tools: Plain Tee or Tank (many find that cotton is the easiest to work with), Fabric Razor Blade, Measuring Tape, and wood cutting board or hard ironing board, sewing machine (optional).

Step 1: Picking the perfect tee.
Choose something without too many embellishments.  You want to choose a top that has a flattering fit. Plain tanks and tees work the best; a cleaner canvas allows more room for creativity.

Step 2: Have a basic cut in mind.
We all know what it's like to get a bad haircut (when your hairdresser keeps chopping off precious inches of hair). So keep your last bad haircut in mind while slicing up your shirt. Envision what you want your ending result to look like BEFORE you start slicing away.


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Giveaway on Fashion by He

Hey, ya might want to head over to Fashion by He to enter this giveaway. Its a hot bathing suit.

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Would You Ever Paint Yourself?

Everyone is talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, so my friends and I were having an argument, would you ever wear a painted bathing suit?

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RIP Alexander Mcqueen...

His Legacy still lives on.

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Anyone Else Want to Buy These For Me?

These are sooo amazing, please someone by them for me. Want to rock them all Spring!
From Nasty Gal

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What Trends are You Most Looking Forward to?

Spring is coming!

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MIRACLE...By Vanessa Bruno

MIRACLE from Vanessa Bruno on Vimeo.

Thought this video was really cool. Love when designers make videos to show off their collection.


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This Man Knows How to Dress

Image from The Sartorialist

I just love when a man puts some effort into his look. This is about style, not just fashion. I love a good military shirt on a guy, and this man pulls it off gloriously with the striped shirt underneath. The round sunglasses are a tad hokey, I'll admit, but the rest of the ensemble is divine! What do you think?

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Would you Date a Guy in Samurai Underwear?

Saw these Samurai Underwear and was wondering if anyone could actually force themselves to like a guy wearing these? Probably not right?

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Love All Body Chains...

Bed of Roses Chain looks so cool. Need to get one ASAP.

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Found This on Tumblr...

That dress is amazing.

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Leg Chains Always Look Cool in Pics, But Are They?

Saw this awesome Leg Garder Chain over at Planet Blue. Love that look.

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St. Patty's Day is Coming...Get Ready!

Just wanted to remind everyone that reads this that St. Patty's Day is coming up fast. Better start ordering your Green Gear now so that you have it in time!
Urban Outfitters has some cute shirts.


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I Love Pink Heels For V-DAY!

It is Valentine's Day and nothing makes me happier then the color pink. Thought these Jeffrey Campbell wedges were to die for and remind me of Vday..

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Moncler ‘Flash Mob’ Show At Grand Central


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Is it Okay For a Man to get a Manicure?

It always seems awkward as hell for any guy that walks into a nail salon to get a manicure, but sure enough there is always a few guys who make the leap. What does the general female population think about their men with manicures? Get them? Don't get them? Clear Polish? No Polish?


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Leggings are Not Pants....

This is a test post...

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How Fashion by She Works

This is officially the first ever Fashion blog by the people for the people (men). Anyone can write a post on Fashion by She, here is how.

Send an email to Fashion by She

1) The subject of your email should be the title of your post.
2) Attached any pictures you want included in the post.
3) Type your post in the body of the email.
4) Make sure to sign the email with a link to your blog, so the readers know who wrote the blog post
5) Send the email, check Fashion by She to see your post.

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